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FAM Tours: Creating International Awareness

Written by Amanda Huculak, Project Manager with CES I just recently returned from a FAM Trip to Eastern India to

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Tourism Best Practices Missions

Are you interested in starting your own tourism business or enhancing your current products and services?


My Community App – Cultural Preservation through Digital Storytelling

The My Community App will provide communities’ with a voice that allows them to support their goals and share their stories and culture with the world using digital media. This innovative App includes a Community-Driven Site, Interactive Tour and Digital Storytelling. The Youth, Elders and everyone in between will have the opportunity to have their voices heard while discovering the importance of their culture through digital storytelling.


CES Training & Coaching Programs

Building your capacity — CES offers unique learning experiences that blend business theory with practical applications in a time and cost-effective format. We customize your learning experience and provide greater levels of flexibility to ensure your needs are met. Coaching Programs


play Community Development

Pando Terra Sustainable Community Development

Are you looking to develop, improve or expand your local tourism industry? Pando Terra uses 7 holistic elements to create an organic approach.  CES helps with Community Development 

play 18 Years of Tourism Innovation

19 Years of Tourism Innovation

CES celebrates 19 years of service! We would like to thank all of our loyal clients and take this opportunity to show some of our past experiences …

Tourism Innovation